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Menu Notes
committed to provide freshness, variety and good nutrition

Menu Notes

 *TFF = Trans Fat Free
**(V) = non-meat entrée
we also offer some Halal (H) chicken products if pre-arranged

crispy oven-fried chicken
egg-dipped and panko bread crumb coated drumsticks baked till golden brown

maple roasted chicken
baked drumsticks brushed with maple syrup & TFF* European butter

baked bbq chicken
baked drumsticks brushed with our own barbecue sauce (slightly sweet & smoky)

baked Italian chicken
bone-in chicken thighs baked in a light tomato sauce

grilled chicken pasta (spaghetti)
sliced breast meat tossed with whole grain pasta and a light chicken béchamel-like (white) sauce

chicken nuggets, chicken strips, and chicken rings
no, we don’t make these in-house but we buy only white meat chicken breaded products.

chicken fajitas
grilled chicken breast with a little onions and peppers wrapped in flour tortillas

grilled chicken biscuit
sliced chicken breast meat in a fresh baked whole grain TFF biscuit, topped with American cheese

chicken & rice casserole
diced chicken breast meat with vegetables & vegetable base brown rice

grilled chicken sandwich or charbroiled burger
Both served on a wheat burger bun with romaine lettuce & tomato slice

franks & corny dogs
we only purchase turkey products for these items

brown gravy meatloaf
our traditional recipe made with lean ground beef, eggs, oatmeal and more

breaded steak cutlet
a baked egg-dipped and panko bread crumbed thin lean meat steak served with brown gravy

flank steak strips
lean beef strips tossed with buttered red potatoes

chopped bbq beef or sloppy joe sandwich
slowly oven-roasted brisket or lean ground beef simmered with our bbq sauce, served on wheat bun.
we also offer this made vegetarian-style with soy crumbles (V)

old world spaghetti
Bolognese-style sauce(tomatoes, tomato puree (tomato and sugar only), onions, carrots, & more)  with lean
beef tossed with whole grain spaghetti

baked penne pasta
old world spaghetti sauce layered with angled - tube pasta & mozzarella

farfelle pasta n’ veggies (V)
old world spaghetti sauce with white beans & veggies instead meat, butterfly pasta, and mozzarella cheese. this entrée meets full meat alternative value.

cheese (V) or chicken enchiladas

shredded cheddar cheese or chicken breast meat & cheese rolled in soft corn tortillas. baked with a mild ranchero sauce and sprinkling of jack cheese

beef chili mac pasta
lean beef in a our sweet & mild tomato sauce layered with macaroni pasta and cheddar cheese

ranch chili pie
our chili sauce served over corn chips and topped with cheddar cheese

3-bean chili (V)
our mild chili sauce (minus the meat) simmered with pinto, white & kidney beans: cheddar cheese topper & wheat crackers

soft beef tacos & beef burrito
seasoned lean beef simmered with tomato and black beans folded in a flour tortilla

grilled steak wrap
marinated and grilled skirt meat sliced thin and rolled in a flour tortilla with shredded Monterrey jack cheese
grilled cheddar ’wich ½ cheddar cheese & ½ American cheese melted within whole wheat bread, brushed with TFF European butter

bread crumb fish filet
white fish filet baked with a panko bread crumb crust, served over veggie rice pilaf

stuffed pepper (V)
a baked green bell pepper half stuffed with Spanish veggie rice and soy crumbs

fresh fruit n’ yogurt (V)
cantaloupe, watermelon, pineapple and fresh grape salad with a side of low-fat vanilla yogurt

breakfast special ’wich
baked egg-dipped ‘French’ toast with egg and turkey sausage filling and maple syrup on the side

breakfast burrito
Fluffy eggs, pan-roasted potatoes & turkey sausage rolled in a flour tortilla. served with taco sauce.

bean & cheese burrito (V)
vegetarian refried beans and cheddar cheese folded in a flour tortilla served with taco sauce

cheese (V) and cheese/beef quesadilla roll-up
cheddar cheese or cheese & seasoned lean taco meat folded in a flour tortilla. served with fresh pico de gallo salsa.

super veggie wrap (V)
a large wheat flour tortilla filled with hummus spread or white beans, jack cheese, cucumbers, diced tomato & fresh green salad mix with spinach. served with light Italian dressing.

deli sandwiches
lean ham & cheddar, turkey breast & jack cheese, lean roast beef and cheddar, or tuna salad made with low cholesterol mayo assembled on either whole wheat bread or whole wheat sub roll with romaine lettuce.

our pizza line-up

we top our garlic brushed whole-grain crusts with a very simple pizza sauce and low fat mozzarella cheese for the wedge pizza. we also use whole grain flatbread and whole wheat hoagie bread as the base for other pizza selections.
In accordance with current sensibilities toward nut allergies, Twelve Oaks Catering does not purchase or produce menu items made with or containing peanuts or tree nuts. Although, some of our purchased bakery (hamburger/hot dog buns and wheat bread) and grain items are labeled that they may be produced in facilities where tree nuts may be used.

Twelve Oaks Catering adheres to strict manufacturing practices, a comprehensive Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points production program, and an employee curriculum designed to produce safe quality meals.