freshness, variety, and good  nutrition

Preschool Program Informational


* Our preschool menus are State approved and are provided several days prior to the beginning of each month.

* We do not substitute published menu items unless prior notice is given, changes are requested, or the freshness/ripeness of a menu item requires a change.


* Your daily delivery, prior to 10:00 am, includes that day’s lunch, PM snack, the next morning’s AM snack, a day’s par level of milk and/or juice, and paper serving products (if included).

* All food products are delivered in-bulk, packed in sanitized and sealed stainless or plastic containers at the correct hot/cold temperatures.

* Twelve Oaks Catering will provide a daily invoice detailing items to be served, correct portion sizes, and daily billing amount.


* Unless arranged otherwise, clients are responsible for the portioning and serving of all meals. After serving, simply replace the used pans back in the delivery containers and Twelve Oaks will take care of all the cleaning and sanitizing.

"Billing & Changes"

* We deliver a mutually agreed upon number of meals each day.

* Changes, including sack lunches, may be requested with notice the morning prior to delivery.

* Statements are sent bi-monthly & payment terms are net-5 days.

Preschool Info

freshness, nutrition, and variety

Preschool Menu Informational


          * Fresh scratch-made lunches whenever possible.

 * Fresh fruit at least two times per week.

           * Fresh salad mix and vegetable sticks at least once a week.

           * Fresh baked product at least once per week.


          * Weekly menu cycle built to meet calorie and fat (max.) levels.

           * Lean ground beef and 100% chicken breast ONLY used in receipes.

           * Whole wheat rolls and bread whenever possible.

           * We use turkey instead of meat (franks, corny dogs).

           * No "Trans Fats".

  * Meets vitamin C daily requirement (with 100% orange juice filler).

            * Meets vitamin A requirement (minimum three times per week).


* Each week: in-house pasta, , heavier meal (entrée-mashed potato-veggie), & tex-mex / casserole.

* Weekly AM snacks: fresh baked muffin, cereal, fresh fruit & bread.

          * Weekly PM snacks: crackers, cheese, fruits, & trail mix.

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