Twelve Oaks Catering & Foodservice is doing our part in education!



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What does...

"freshness, variety, and good nutrtion"

mean to our clients:

  • we commit to scratch prepare as many of our daily menu items as possible!
  • a wide variety menu while still providing foods kids will eat!
  • lean meats & chicken breast only!
  • a wide variety of fresh fruits & vegetables served daily!
  • fresh baked whole wheat & multi-grain breads, snacks and desserts!
  • the use of low fat dairy products!
  • NO trans-fats!
  • almost all HFCS eliminated!


For more information on our full service or educational catering, please contact us at:

 Twelve Oaks Catering
10875 Shady Trail
Dallas, TX 75220


Captain Hope’s Kids has one goal in mind, to help those who cannot help themselves, children. Through the collection of donations, supplies and fundraisers, they intend to give homeless children their best chance at living a normal life. Please visit their website and help if you can.

**All Sales Final. No Returns.*
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